Musical Theatre Specialty Camp
July 27th- August 9, 2014
Campers 10-16 years old

Does your child like to sing, act and dance? Would you like them to feel more at home on the stage? Your child could be the star of the cabin this summer in our Musical Theatre Camp!

Join us for this specialized program and learn from professional musical theatre instructors while enjoying the magic of camp.  
Imagine a camp experience that combines the great outdoors with the creativity your kids love. Camp Can-Aqua's Musical Theatre Specialty Camp run by Stage & Studio is the best place to be this summer!

All you'll hear from your kids when they come home is "THANK YOU!"

The 2014 Musical Theatre Speciality camp is not only fun but a crucial program for any child who could benefit from more confidence, happiness and fulfillment in their life. 

5 Reasons Why Musical Theatre Camp Will Change Your Child's Life:

  • Accomplishment - Preparing for a show in front of a live audience requires perseverance and focused practice with an emphasis on quality. When your child achieves their end goal, they will feel the pride of accomplishment achieved through their own efforts!

  • Collaboration - Building a great performance is a team effort. By working together, kids learn how to communicate effectively with each other.

  • Presentation - What better way to combat stage freight? Presenting effectively in front of an audience is one of the best skills your child can develop. 

  • Leadership - Rehearsing and performing in a show will build transferrable skills your child will use in school, relationships with others and their future career. 

  • Confidence - Your child will take their final bow thinking "I can do anything!" That is exactly the type of self-confidence that will ensure their success as an adult. 

To top it off, your kids will get to spend two weeks in one of the most beautiful places in Ontario. Nothing beats the great outdoors for nurturing a child and helping them grow!

Program Details

July 27 - August 9, 2014

Camp Can-Aqua, Bancroft, ON

What will my child be doing?
With scripts and scores in hand, over the course of the session campers will learn from experts in their field while building skills in:

·  vocal technique · vocal performance · song analysis 
· acting through song · choreography and more.

All campers in this performance-based program will work toward a final show that will be performed in front of the entire camp and parents who wish to attend.  In addition to the quality professional instruction your children will receive from the professional artistic staff of Stage & Studio, your child will also have the opportunity to participate in: 

Swimming · Canoeing · Sailing · Waterskiing · Windsurfing & Kayaking · Archery · Woodworking · Mountain biking · Land sports · Arts & Crafts · And more!

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A Message From Lisa Phillips

  • I am very excited to partner with beautiful Camp Can-Aqua to offer a 2-week, musical theatre, summer overnight camp! We’re taking Musical Theatre into the wilderness – a dream of mine for many years.

    This program will combine all the fun of the overnight camp experience and the high quality arts training we offer through our academy, creating two incredible weeks of learning and fun!

    The setting could not be more perfect - Camp Can-Aqua is accredited by the Ontario Camps Association and is a beautiful facility situation on a private lake about 2.5 hours North-East of Toronto near Bancroft, Ontario. The owner and director, Andrew Martin, has been a colleague of mine for many years and we are thrilled to finally be joining forces to offer this unique opportunity to you!

    Lisa Phillips, Founder & CEO


  • As a parent I love the sense of community and the attention paid to fostering a truly inclusive atmosphere in addition to very high quality arts programming.

    - Beverley Belchior, Parent

  • The staff have the expertise, commitment and patience for working with kids who want to develop their own artistic talents.

    - Shannon Matthews, Parent

  • I have become much more confident on stage and in life itself.

    Max, age 16

Why Choose This Unique Program?

  • 150 acres on a Private Lake
  • Waterskiing, canoeing, sailing & more!
  • Professional Artistic Instructors
  • Enhanced vocal and performance skills
  • Opportunity for one-on-one coaching
  • Final Performance for Parents
  • Balance between the arts and traditional camp activites
  • Focus on Leadership Skill Development

A message from Andrew Martin, Owner, Camp Can-Aqua

I am writing you today to introduce myself and to tell you about a new program that CASSA and Can-Aqua have collaborated on. Beginning this past fall, Lisa Phillips and I began to discuss an idea of working together to create a remarkable program. Being familiar with Horizon and Lisa for a number of years, two things we share in common are camping and arts! Together we decided to create an opportunity for kids to participate in a residential camp experience that places special emphasis on Musical Theatre.

The end result of months of planning is a terrific opportunity for kids who love performing. In 2014, we are proud to launch a Musical Theatre Specialty Camp taking place in August. This two-week program will be a mix of residential camp life and intensive theatre performance. The end result after two weeks will be a show on the stage at Camp Can-Aqua for everyone to enjoy.

With Lisa’s experience and expertise, CASSA will be managing the theatrical component of the program, while Can-Aqua will provide counsellors and instructors for all things off stage. It will be a great opportunity for your kids to expand their social connections, experience sleep over summer camp, and act their hearts out!

I hope you take some time to visit our website to view some of the programs and opportunities available at Can-Aqua. I am excited to be collaborating with Lisa on this project and am confident the results will be out of this world!

Andrew Martin
Director, Camp Can-Aqua

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